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The Minutes for Albion Council monthly meetings may now be found on the Community Resources Page.

The Albion Borough Building located at 26 Smock Avenue, Albion, Pa 16401 houses our local government and is where all official Albion business takes place. Borough of Albion, PA
26 Smock Avenue
Albion, PA 16401

Phone: 814-756-3660
Fax: 814-756-0511

Police non-emergency:

The Albion Borough Park is home to Albionís Historic Carousel. Welcome to Albion, PA - Home of the Historic Albion Carousel.

Our much-loved carousel arrived just in time for open day of the Summer Park Program in 1948. Through the years, it has provided thousands of rides, smiles and happy memories and more than just a few pictures.

Albion's Historic Carousel is the 3rd oldest carousel in the United States.
In 1984, Albionís Historic Wooden Carousel underwent a two-year renovation.  Shown are three of the carouselís zebras.  The left carousel zebra is what was existing prior to renovation.  The center zebra has been repaired, sanded and primed for its new coat of paint.  The right carousel zebra has been fully restored and is ready to be ridden. In 1986 the Albion Carousel underwent a two-year community-based restoration.

In the image, the zebra on the left is a good example of what the carousel animals looked like at the beginning of the restoration project. The center zebra has been sanded and primed and is awaiting a new coat of paint. The zebra on the right is the finished product.
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